Zuchu Biography, child, family and relationship

Zuchu is one of the successful female musicians in East Africa. All went well after he was signed by Wasafi media which is owned by Diamond platnumz. A few months ago there have been some rumours that she is dating Diamond. They both denied the allegations adding that their relationship is all because of their music business. Keep it here as we take you through Zuchu Biography, child, family and relationship.

Zuchu age and her real name

Zuchu was born on November 22, 1993. Zuhura othman soud is her real name. she was born in the Zanzibari village of Kwahani. She was born in Zanzibar’s Mnazi mmoja Hospital. Zuchu was born in a family that loves music including her dad and mum

Zuchu education background

She attended a school close to her homestead. In Zanzibar, she completed her primary and secondary education. This is something that a lot of people experience; parents send their children to school in their neighbourhood.

After completing her O level, Zuhura Othman went to India for further studies. He enrolled in university here to study business and economics. In India, she also studied commerce and computer science.

After receiving an advanced diploma, Zuchu returned to Zanzibar. Her mother forbade her from becoming a lawyer when she was younger, calling it a cursed profession. Her mother forewarned her that some lawyers will defend against false accusations even if they are aware of the truth.

Zuchu childhood life

This gifted musician has loved music since she was in elementary school. Zuchu’s parents even advised the teachers not to engage their daughter in any music groups for fear of her losing focus on her studies.

According to her mother, Zuhura Othman developed a musical interest before beginning kindergarten. When she was younger, she had a strained relationship with her mother, Khadija Kopa. Her mother is a musician as well, and she was a little late with her music concert, which was mostly held in Dar es Salaam.

Her mother and father both were musicians, so she grew up in a musical family. Omar Kopa, her late brother, was also a musician.

Zuchu Family

Omar Kopa was like a mother and father to Zuchu because Khadija Kopa was not always available at home. They were very close and adored each other. Zuchu was not informed of Omar Kopa’s death until her brother was buried.

Maybe her family wasn’t prepared to deal with Zuchu’s reactions because she adored her late brother. Zuchu stated during an interview with Wasafi Tv that she still does not believe her brother died.

She went on to say that she can’t even listen to his brother’s songs because they make her cry. If she sees someone listening to one of her late brother’s songs, she usually asks them to turn it off. Her brother died when she was young.

Zuchu and his father’s relationship

When Zuchu was a child, her father divorced her mother. She didn’t get many chances to spend time with her father. Her father was a cop, making it difficult for the two to spend time together because he was always on the go.

As a child, Zuchu used to go to his father’s workplace, carrying various gifts for him. She recalls writing a letter to her father requesting money, and his father returning home, where he gave Zuchu 20 million dollars. According to Zuchu, this was one of the most memorable moments of his life.

In Tanzania at the time, twenty million dollars was a lot of money. Zuchu made the decision not to call anyone while in India.

Zuchu’s father made no attempt to contact her. Zuchu decided to send an SMS to her father, who simply replied, “OK.” This enraged Zuchu to the point where she resolved never to speak to her father again.

Years later, Zuchu learned that her father was not feeling well. Khadija kopa and Zuchu decided to pay a visit to Zuchu’s sick father. Zuchu’s father began crying in disbelief upon his arrival. He never expected Zuchu to pay him a visit after what he had done to her. She never inquired about her last SMS from her father.

Zuchu music Journey

Zuchu Biography focuses on her musical journey. Her musical success, she believes, is a result of God’s favor. She expresses gratitude to both her mother and the Wasafi label for their support of her music career.

It took her some time to write a song with Diamond. Cheche was the title of her first song with Diamond Platnumz. Cheche was released almost simultaneously with Litawachoma, and both songs performed well.

Diamond platnumz relationship with Zuchu

The majority of people believe the two are in love. Zuchu claims she has never had a relationship with a musician, including her boss, Diamond Platnumz. Zuchu has high regard for her boss, and he will never fall in love with him because it would jeopardize her music career.

He is so terrified of her boss that she is unable to discuss personal matters with him. She was nominated for “Best Emerging Musician in 2020.” She won the award, but just being nominated was a big step forward in her music career, according to her. Zuchu admires Nandy and doesn’t mind if fans compare her to her idol.

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