Vera Sidika biography, age and relationship

Vera Sidika is well known both in Kenya and many other countries in the world. This lady decided to reconstruct herself by modifying his body shape and bleaching her skin. At the moment Vera Sidika has a kid together with Brown Mauzo who is now his husband. Keep it here for more about Vera Sidika Biography

Vera Sidika date of Birth

Although she is from Luhya land, Vera Sidika was born in Mombasa on September 30, 1989, and comes from a humble background. She is also known as Vee Beiby, is a Kenyan television and social media personality, fashion model, video vixen entrepreneur, and socialite. Vera Sidika real names are Shikwekwe Mung’asia. Her Instagram page has more than 2.1 followers

Vera sidaka Husband and family

Vera sidika brown mauzo
Vera sidika Husband (Brown mauzo)

She is at the moment married to Brown Mauzo. Remember there was a time he was with Otile Brown. She is the first of three children and the only girl in the family. Before meeting Otile Brown, Vera Sidika was with a Nigerian oil tycoon who is not in show business but is an investor in oil and gas.

Vera Sidika education background

After relocating to Nairobi in 2009, Vera Sidika enrolled at Kenyatta University to pursue her studies in Art and Design, providing her with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rise to fame.
Vera rose to prominence in 2012 as the video girl for P-single Unit’s “You Guy.”

This propelled her career to greater heights as she gained more experience. In the year 2014, In 2014, she returned to the United Kingdom to bleach and lighten her skin; she also stated that the procedure cost her more than Ksh15 million.

Vera is well-known for her social media posts of her voluptuous backside. Vera charges around $2,500 (Sh217,000) per hour for events, but it is very negotiable for music videos.

She owns a number of expensive German vehicles, but today we’ll focus on her BMW X5, which costs around sh6.5 million and has 300 – 400hp. Vera Sidika is one of Kenya’s wealthiest socialites, and she owns the most expensive car in the country.

Vera Sidika husband

She is known to be having affairs with a lot of celebrities. There was a time she was engaged with Otile Brown but it was later discovered that they were performing public stunts.
Vera Sidika and singer Otile Brown deleting each other’s photos on social media was not a publicity stunt to promote their new song titled Baby Love.

vera sidika baby photos
vera sidika baby photos

After a few weeks, the couples unfriended each other, deleted the photos which they had shot together, and avoided talking about each other. At the moment she is married to Brown Mauzo and they have a kid together. That is all we have for now concerning Vera Sidika biography, age and relationship. keep it here for more updates

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