Trio Mio Biography, Education, Age and girlfriend

Trio Mio is one of Kenya’s up-and-coming musicians. Despite the fact that he is still in school, Trio Mio is capable of balancing his music career and his education. Many people compare him to the late E-sir because of his musical style. He was recently featured in the song “Bandana ya E-sir.” Please stay tuned as we cover a lot of Trio Mio Biography, Age, Real Names, and Music Journey.

Trio Mio age

Mario Tj Kasela is the real name of Trio Mio. Tj, according to Trio Mio, simply means “thank you, Jesus.” Trio Mio was born on October 22, 2004, making him 17 years old in 2022.

Imra Sakwa is his mother’s name. His mother had some complications with Trio Mio pregnancy when he was pregnant, and she never expected him to have a safe delivery. He named Trio Mio TJ (Thanks to Jesus) after giving birth to him as a thank you to the Lord for safe delivery.

Trio Mio, his stage name, was inspired by his brother, who simply combined some letters from Trio Mio’s real names.

Trio Mio Family

His family consists of two sisters and two brothers. Since he was a child, Trio Mio, the last born, has relied on his mother for support. His mother is his biggest supporter. She is Trio Mio’s manager and provides a lot of support to him.

A single parent raised Trio Mio at Umoja Estate. Despite the fact that she is his mother, she is also a friend to her son. Trio Mio’s mother fired a manager who was managing Trio Mio after allegations that the manager was exploiting Trio Mio’s age and taking a large portion of Trio Mio’s music earnings.

Trio Mio and his family’s life was anything but easy. There was a time when they couldn’t eat anything and went for several nights without eating. Trio Mio was determined, and he knew that one day he would be the breadwinner for his family, and here he is.

Trio Mio Music Journey

His musical journey is the most important aspect of Trio Mio Biography. When he was in seventh grade. He started recording When he was in school, Trio Mio used to write songs and perform them in front of his friends who were also his classmates.

Some of Trio Mio Mentors include Femi one and Khaligraph Jones. Khaligraph Jone has always aspired to Trio Mio to be a successful musician. Trio Mio had the opportunity to record several songs after the school was closed due to a pandemic.

In Kenya, his song went viral, and he became well-known for his distinct rapping style. Other musicians who inspire Trio Mio include Nyashinski, Sauti Sol, and Femi one. He hopes to collaborate with them on a project soon.

Trio Mio songs

To date, Trio Mio has released over 15 songs, all of which have done well. He’s also worked with well-known artists like Nameless. Trio Mio’s YouTube channel has over 250 subscribers. His song Cheza kama wewe, on which he collaborated with many Kenyan artists such as Nellythegoon, Mejja, and Exray, became a hit.

His YouTube channel has over 10 million views. That’s all we have on Trio Mio Biography, Age, Real Names, and Music Career for the time being. Continue to check back for updates.

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