Terence Creative biography, Relationship and career

His real name is Lawrence Macharia but most people know him as Terence Creative. Terence is one of Kenya’s best online comedians. And, true to his stage name, the entertainer is a creative force, judging by the videos he posts on his social media platforms and YouTube channel. His most recent video, Wash Wash Business-Papa Fred “Kemikal” Ngamwaya, is currently trending at the top of YouTube. Terence plays a Congolese fraudster in the video who uses an expensive Kemikal to print money and con his victims. Keep it here as we tackle Terence Creative biography, Relationship and career.

Terence Creative age and place of birth

Terence is the third and final son in a family of three boys. He was born in a famous place known as Mlango Kubwa in Mathare. Terence lived with his family in a single room. Both of his parents died when he was nine years old.

Terence became a street urchin after taking to the streets. He did all the things that street kids do, including sniffing glue. Later, he was rescued by his brother and found a home at Mully Children’s Family. His brother was also a patient at the facility.

It was here that he was able to study and finish school. While at Mully’s, he discovered his passion for the arts. He gave his first performance while living at the children’s home.

Terence’s creative comedy career

Many people recognize him as a creative on The Churchill Show. In a previous interview, the comedian revealed that he did menial jobs like gardening and worked as a watchman to make ends meet.

The comedian, who collaborates on most of his projects with his wife Chebby, began his career at the Kenya National Theatre, where he played a variety of roles in the set book plays before joining the Churchill Show.

Terence worked on the show with a number of comedians. He created comics for some of the industry’s most famous figures who are well known. During one of his interviews, Terence recalled being together with some of the comedians for an interview and them refusing to acknowledge his presence.

When asked how they came up with comic material, they started praising themselves, despite the fact that he was the one who created it.

Terence’s creative wife and relationship

In 2013, Terence met his wife Milly on the Churchill Show. Milly had just recently started working as a backstage manager at Churchill’s show, whereas Terence was a familiar face at the show. Their relationship was not that smooth since they dated on and off for a while before moving in together.

He was previously married to Sharon Madonna. They were fortunate to have two daughters. Terence and his friends blocked Kimathi Street in 2017 before proposing to Millicent, who is now his wife.

They planned a traditional wedding at Milly’s home in Rift Valley after the proposal. One of the most important events was the ceremony, which was filled with laughter, dancing, and, of course, food.

According to a video posted on their YouTube channel, Terence was robbed a day before the traditional ceremony, which nearly jeopardized the event. Later, he struggled to pay the dowry and failed to finish it on time. That is all we have for now concerning Terence Creative biography, Relationship and career. Keep it here for more.

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