Sultana Citizen TV Cast and their real names

Sultana is a new show on Kenya’s Citizen TV that stars Lolani Kalu as one of the actors in the role of ‘Babu.’ Lolani Kalu is a veteran journalist who retired from NTV as a news reporter. Kalu has returned to our screens as a thespian. In this article, I will take you through Sultana Citizen TV Cast and their real names

Sultana, which premiered on Monday, March 7th, was supposed to replace Zora, the show that had many Kenyans talking. Every weekday from 7:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Citizen TV (Monday to Friday). This new show is also produced by Jiffy Pictures, a film company owned by Lulu Hassan and her husband, TV news anchor Rashid Abdalla.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid have been producing successful shows. Following the award-winning show Maria and the well-known Zora, fans expect nothing less than perfection from the new show. Could Sultana be the one? Will it be able to draw Kenyans to their screens in the same way that Maria did?

Sultana citizen TV synopsis

Major Jabali is the first character we meet, and he still believes that having a girl as a firstborn child is a bad omen. We also meet Bi. Salama, is a midwife who believes she has been marginalized because she is illiterate and thus only attends to low-income families. Bi Salama was only called in when a trained doctor failed to arrive to care for Jabali’s wife.

Many people already have found love with the show, especially after seeing a teaser for the drama series, which aired on Citizen TV several times. Furthermore, Kenyans will enjoy the show even more because they will be anticipating what Lolani Kalu has to offer.

Some movie stars have appeared in Jiffy Pictures’ various drama series, as is customary for the production company. Many actors and actresses who also had roles in the Maria Drama series, for example, were given additional roles in the Zora series. As a result, we expect surprises in the Sultana television show.

List Sultana Citizen TV Cast and their real names

  1. Zuu                                       Annette Odubi
  2. Mareno                                Juma Shambi
  3. Dr. Kokan                            Nelson Mandela
  4. Major Jabali                       Suleiman Fadhili
  5. Baby Sultana                     Mercy Shani
  6. Fatma                                 Angie Magio
  7. Sultana                               Mwanaasha Johari
  8. Jabali Junior                     Othman njaidi
  9. Duya                                   Patrick Francis Owino
  10. Bi Ua                                   Marian Ahmed Mzee
  11. Baby JJ                               Aqsa Shani
  12. Babu                                   Lolani Kalu
  13. Young Jabali Junior       Khalid Jamal Ali
  14. Abya                                   Verity Wakilo
  15. Mwanzele                           David Mbiko
  16. Kokan Junior                     Issa Mwandigo
  17. Bi Salama                             Rehema Rajab
  18. Dr. Kambi                           Yasmin Esmail June
  19. Dida                                       Winnie Bwire

Those are Sultana Citizen TV Cast and their real names. You can now enjoy the show which will be aired monday to friday on citizen Tv. Keep it here for more updates

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