Shix Kapienga Biography, Relationship, and Age

Shix Kapienga is one of Kenya’s most talented actresses. She enjoys reggae and used to host a reggae show on one of Kenya’s most popular radio stations. Shix Kapienga and Mc Jesse used to co-host Churchill Raw. Keep checking back for more information on Shix Kapienga Biography, Relationship, and Age.

Shix Kapienga age

shix kapienga age

According to Kenyans, Shix Kapienga is the only celebrity who is open to her real age. The talented Shix Kapienga is now 35 years old as of 2022. Shix was born on April 27, 1987, in a place called Kangemi situated in Nairobi. She comes from a family of four being the third born.

Shix Kapienga Biography

She admitted to having a normal childhood in an interview, rather than the long stories of a hard life spun by celebrities to garner sympathy. Shix was not a stubborn child despite his cheekiness. As many believe.

Shix played in the mud whenever it rained and played ‘kalongolongo, just like any other kid in that era when KBC was the only TV station. Her upbringing in Kangemi shaped her into the actress she is today.

Kapienga education background

Westlands Primary School is where the talented radio host began her education. She would later transfer to Good Samaritan Primary School in Nakuru before returning to her old school to take her (KCPE) Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams.

The actress attended Mirithu Girls’ High School before transferring to Kangaru Girls’ High School, where she finished her O-levels. Shix recognized the importance of education and enrolled at Daystar University to pursue a degree in Communication.

Shix Kapienga husband

shix kapienga boyfriend

According to a Nairobian article, Shix Kapienga and MC Jesse are officially dating, confirming rumours that had been circulating on social media platforms. A year later, when Kalekye Mumo asked if she was a homewrecker, she denied the reports, stating that she prefers to keep her personal life private.

This has been a contentious issue, and the radio host threatened to storm out of the station in a previous interview with Ebru TV if the line of questioning continued. That is all we have for now concerning Shix Kapienga Biography, Relationship, and Age. Keep it here for more updates

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