Rashid Abdalla’s biography, age, relationship, and career

The most touching aspect of Rashid Abdalla’s biography is that he fell in love with his wife Lulu Hassan simply by hearing her voice. Rashid was certain that Lulu Hassan was his dream woman after hearing her voice. Rashid Abdallah is the type of person who is always open and willing to express himself in public. In this article, I will go over Rashid Abdalla’s biography, age, relationship, and career.

Rashid Abdalla age

lulu hassan and rashid abdalla photos

Rashid Abdallah’s birth year, like his wife’s, is unknown to the general public. What we do know is that Rashid Abdallah was born on April 17th. On his birthday in 2022, he received a surprise birthday gift from his children who live on Citizen Nipashe.

Rashid celebrated his 2022 birthday with a large ceremony to which many people were invited. Jovial, one of Kenya’s finest female musicians, was also invited. Jovial was captured dancing with Rashid Abdalla before Lulu interrupted their routine by grabbing his husband from Jovial.

Rashid Abdalla career

Abdalla began his career at Radio Salaam in 2006, where he met his beautiful wife Lulu Hassan. He later moved to QTV, where he was chosen to be the station’s face. This, however, did not go well, and the company suffered significant losses, causing many of the presenters to lose their jobs.

Rashid Abdalla’s Wife and family

rashid abdalla new wife

Rashid Abdalla is a happily married to Lulu Hassan, The couple paired to broadcast after Kanze Dena left Royal Media Services. The two are married in a private ceremony attended by only close relatives and friends. Rashid and Lulu had three beautiful children: two sons and a daughter.

Raashid Abdallah Career

He participated in the interviews, won, and joined Radio Salaam in 2006, where he met Lulu Hassan on the day of the interview. Rashid later became a reporter and news broadcaster for QTV. He went to NTV and worked there for a long time. He was well-known for his news segment’swali moja,’ which drew a large number of viewers to NTV.

Rashid Abdalla’s Net worth

Rashid and Lulu Hassan are making good money on Citizen Tv. His estimated net worth as of 2022 is more than Kshs. 100 million. Rashid Abdalla makes the majority of his money from his profession and brand deals. Rashid earns more than $450,000 per month working for citizen television not forgetting his wife who also earns a good amount of money.

Hope you have learned more about Rashid Abdalla’s biography, age, relationship, and career.

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