Nyce Wanjeri Biography, education and relationship

The film industry in Kenya has become very profitable. For you to join the industry, you must be talented since there is a very big competition. Nyce Wanjeri is one of the talented actresses who is doing great at the moment. In this article, am going to brief you on Nyce Wanjeri Biography, education and relationship.

Nyce Wanjeri Biography

A lot of people know her as Shiro. For those who don’t know, Shiro is a short form of Wanjiru. She is very popular due to her hilarious role. She used to act in the popular TV show Aunty Boss. Nyce Wanjeri is a multi-award winning actress with extraordinary talent. She is so talented that many people believe whatever she portrays on television is the real her. In an awkward moment, a viewer of the show refused to greet her, claiming she is a bad maid. This is her story.

Nyce Wanjeri Family

Much about her family is unknown because she prefers to keep the majority of her private life private.
In an Instagram post, the actress revealed a childhood filled with negative energy from close relatives. She recalled overhearing her relatives proclaiming that she would amount to anything.

Nyce Wanjeri Husband

The information which we have at the moment is that Nyce Wanjeri is a mother to a beautiful baby girl. At the moment she is a single mother after breaking up with her boyfriend Titus Wagithomo.

After their break up with Titus, She decided to put it in public by posting it on Facebook although she later deleted it. She claimed the relationship was not meant to be since they were both artists and finding time for each other was not easy. She later deleted the Facebook post


She began her career, like many others, at the Kenya National Theatre, where she performed in the set book plays for three years. She gave birth to her daughter around this time, and she had to leave her with the father when she needed to be on stage, and the father had to do the same when he needed to be on set.

In 2013, she landed her first TV role in “Merimela’s House,” a KBC show. Her child was four months old at the time. She went on to join Johara and Fanaka Arts before being contacted by one of Moon Beam’s founders and asked to audition. She aced the audition like a pro and managed to make everyone laugh. This is how she got her role in the sitcom.

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