Ndovu ni kuu Biography : Ndovu ni Kuu meaning

Most of the people have been following Ndovu ni Kuu and they would like to know more about this talented artist. For those who have been asking Ndovu kuu meaning in sheng, we got you covered. Ndovu ni kuu Biography is one of the kind. Remember this guy was almost got arrested after releasing a song that appeared like he was dissing a particular learning institution.

If you fall up the music industry in Kenya then you must come across this name. Ndovu ni Kuu is a phrase that went viral after Krispah, Boutross Munene, and Khaligraph Jones released a song of the same name. Krispah is a Kenyan musician who rose to prominence after his song dominated Kenyan radio.

This article delves into the life of Ndovu ni Kuu, the man behind the song that catapulted him to fame while also getting him in trouble. keep it here for more information about Ndovu ni kuu Biography

Ndovu Kuu age and date of birth

He is not as old as you think. Ndovu ni Kuu was born on January 6, 1996, and he is the third child in a family of three. Ndovu Kuu was born in a place known as Kabete, Nairobi. For those who have been asking about his real name, Christopher Thande Githara is his real name, but he only uses his aliases for music. When asked why he chose the phrase, he explains that he admires elephants for their strength and intelligence and considers himself to be one.

Ndovu Kuu education Background

Christopher Thande a.k.a Ndovu ni Kuu attended Kahuho Uhuru Boys and graduated with a B+ grade, earning him a place at Kenyatta University. He was assigned to a Geospatial Engineering class. This did not appeal to him as a course option, so he enrolled in the East Africa School of Aviation’s Aeronautical Engineering program.

Ndovu ni Kuu career

Ndovu ni kuu musical journey began at Kahuho Uhuru Boys. At Kahuho, Ndovu kuu took up instruments and was an active member of the music and drama festivals. Coming together with Papa Jones and Boutross Munene, the three released Ndovu ni Kuu. This song was inspired by Krispah’s ex-girlfriend called Pamela who broke his heart.

Pamela was a student at Kenyatta University at the time, and while the two were dating, she got involved with another man behind his back. She would then become pregnant with the man’s child, shocking Krispah.

The song ‘Ndovu ni Kuu’ was released on May 22, 2021.  Ndovu kuu reached three million views in a few weeks, the video was removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement. Dexta Briyanka is a rising artist who filed an infringement case against the trio.  There were also claims of a defamation claim against Kenyatta University, which was able to have the video removed.

“Mtoto Wangu akiitwa KU nitakataa,” a line in the song says. This made the rounds online and appears to have had a negative impact on the number of admission applications received by the institution.

I hope now you have learned more about Ndovu ni kuu Biography. The meaning of Ndovu ni kuu in sheng’, just means that the elephant will always remain the biggest animal in the jungle. This means Ndovu ni kuu will always be the biggest artist.

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