Naomi Kuria Biography, age and relationship

Online platforms like Tiktok and YouTube have given so many creatives the opportunity to share their work with millions of people across continents. Young talented creatives in Kenya, such as Naomi Kuria, have used it to advance their careers. In our topic today, we will discuss much to do with Naomi Kuria Biography, age and relationship.

Naomi Kuria has created amazing content that has become a favourite among the thousands of people who watch YouTube on a daily basis. Despite being a very funny character, she does not consider herself a comedian, but rather an actor who is funny.

Naomi Kuria’s age and real name

We don’t know the exact date Naomi Kuria was born, but as of 2022, she is in her 30s. She was born in Kangema, Muranga County, to Raphael Kuria and Precious Nyambura. The daring actress has one sister and one brother, the details of which are kept private.

Naomi Education information

Naomi Kuria is a product of Tuthu Primary School. The school is near her home, before transferring to Kiangunyi Girls Secondary School. Her interest in comedy and acting first came to light in high school, when she participated in drama festivals. Naomi enrolled in NIBS technical college after high school to study journalism and mass communication.

Naomi Kuria career

She amassed a large audience and fame in 2021. She began acting and pursuing his career in 2019. Naomi Kuria got a job that is considered to be a men’s job after finishing her education. Her desire to pursue acting burned within her, and she knew it was something she wanted to do in the future.

She collaborated with DJ Shiti in 2019 and appeared in several of his comedy skits. She was a huge fan of his act when he was still a member of the Real House Helps of Kawangware cast prior to working with him.

Naomi Kuria contacted the actor after finishing her first video, and he quickly included her in his subsequent videos. They worked together for about a year to create a slew of opportunities for Naomi to meet other online creatives.

Naomi Kuria’s husband and relationship

She is one of those famous people who don’t like sharing their private life in public. Naomi has not revealed whether or not she is currently dating anyone. There were rumours about her relationship with Omosh, which they described as a film scene and that no relationship existed between them.

That is all we have for now concerning Naomi Kuria Biography, age and relationship. Hope you got enough information about this beautiful and talented lady.

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