Mzee Kibor Biography, wife and networth : Mzee Kibor cause of death

He was affectionately referred to Mzee Kibor. This man was a Kenyan billionaire. Kibor was one of Kenya’s wealthiest businessmen. He was a retired politician as well as a prominent farmer from Ausin Gishu. Mzee Kibor was a former KANU chairman and a close friend of the late President Daniel Arap Moi. He had amassed his fortune through the ownership of large tracts of land and other property prior to his death. in this article we will take you through Mzee Kibor Biography.

Mzee Kibor age and place of birth

He revealed that he was born in Kipkabus, Ausin Gishu county, in 1934, but did not specify the exact date or month. Mzee Kibor hadn’t said much about his family, but he’d moved to Nandi County with him not long before his mother died.

Due to financial difficulties, he later returned to Kipkabus and began doing casual jobs at a tanning facility. He quit his job here to work as a lorry driver for Jonathan Kibogy, the late millionaire from Ausin Gishu. He was paid Ksh 75 per month in 1958, five years before Kenya gained independence from British colonialists.

Mzee Kibor Education Background

He was not that educated since his parent were not that well of. Mzee Jackson Kibor dropped out of class five in 1957 because he couldn’t afford the 1.50 shillings in annual school fees. On the same farm, he worked as a herds boy and a driver. Despite having a terrible background, he was able to become the wealthy man he is today.

Mzee Kibor wife, Family and Children

He was a large family’s father. Mzee Kibor had four wives, the most recent of which was Eunita. After divorcing his two wives, Naomi Jeptoo and Jepkoech, in 14 months, he became the talk of the town. He had been married to her for 52 years before divorcing her

Both had a total of five children. Kibor accused his wife of cruelty and deprivation of conjugal rights. Jepkoech, on the other hand, defended Kibor, claiming that the 83-year-old had changed after marrying his third wife, Naomi, and then Eunita.

Eunita was accused of interfering with Kibor’s wealth distribution and of having issues with the children of other wives. After 43 years of marriage, he divorced his third wife, Naomi Jeptoo.

Mzee Kibor Net worth

Before his death in 2022, Mzee Kibor was estimated to have a net worth of more than Sh 6 billion. Mzee Jackson Kibor’s wealth was derived from his large farm, which spanned approximately 4,500 acres. In addition, he owned real estate and plots in Kapsabet, Eldoret, and Nairobi. He had always led a lavish lifestyle.

Mzee Kibor Career

Kibor was a well-known farmer in the Ausin Gishu region. Despite coming from a humble background, he owned over 3 500 acres of land on Ausin Gishu and Trans Nzoia.
He began his career in the tanning industry before moving on to work as a lorry driver for late millionaire Jonathan Kibogy.

He used to transport maize and potatoes across East Africa, and despite his difficult circumstances, he learned how to save. Within a short period of time, he had saved enough money to buy and sell potatoes in Kampala. He’d buy at Sh 16 and then sell at Ah 16. He saved his profit and used it to buy a canter lorry.

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