Mungai Eve Biography, Education, age and Relationship

Mungai Eve, who is only 22 years old, is one of Kenya’s youngest millionaires. She is a content creator, not a well-known businesswoman or a prominent Kenyan. She is said to be working with Travor, her boyfriend. Continue reading to learn more about Mungai Eve Biography, education, age, and relationship.

In Kenya, being a content creator now pays. What you must have is the traffic source and quality content. Eve Mungai is one of those content creators who has risen quickly. Her YouTube channel has a large audience, which allows her to earn a lot of money.

Mungai Eve’s age and real name

Her real name is Evelyn Wanjiku Mungai, but most people call her Eve Mungai. On April 6, 2000, she was born in Gachiku village, Murang’a county. Her childhood was ordinary until her mother became ill and died when she was in fifth grade.

She required two surgeries, and the medical bills were substantial. She is doing well today, and she reports that both of her parents are very supportive.

Eve Mungai Education background

She never graduated due to a lack of funds, but she intends to return to school. Eve Mungai joined a local high school after finishing primary school. Her education journey was not that simple. Due to financial constraints, she had to change schools several times. Despite her dislike of school, she was a strong leader who enjoyed poetry and public speaking.

Eve’s father wanted her to be a teacher, as many parents do for their children, but she was not interested. She was very talkative and her public speaking ability without fear was noticed by one of her teachers. According to that teacher, she was sure Eve would become a brilliant journalist in future.

Mungai Eve relationship

Mungai Eve and Trevor

Eve Mungai is dating Trevor, her photographer and director. They’ve known each other for three years. Trevor, Eve Mungai Media’s marketing director, was the one who encouraged her to start a YouTube channel. Being in the same business saves a lot of since it is like a family business

Trevor claims that his new boss fired him, prompting him to launch a YouTube channel with his girlfriend. The first video was a huge hit, garnering over 1000 new subscribers. His boss was irritated by the situation but he had to let it go

Mungai Eve youtube channel

mungai eve youtube

Mungai Eve dropped out of college and joined the YouTube family on January 2nd, 2020. She currently has over 88 million views and has uploaded over 200 videos. One of her videos, “Manze wa Kisii,” has over 1 million views. As for now, Mungai Eve Youtube has more than 600,000 subscribers

Mungai Eve’s net worth

The net worth of the young YouTuber has remained unknown. Her YouTube channel, on the other hand, was a huge success. The channel had over 18 million views as of January 2020. On YouTube, Mungai Eve earns an average of Ksh. 1.6 million per month, with a low of Ksh. 700,000 on a bad month.

That is all we have for now about Mungai Eve Biography, Education, Age and Relationship. Hope you have learned a lot concerning Mungai Eve.

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