Millicent Omanga Biography, Political journey, family and education

Millicent Omanga was one of several legislators summoned by the Jubilee disciplinary committee for gross insubordination and misconduct. In this article, we will focus on Millicent Omanga Biography, Political journey, family and education.

She is also known as Mama Miradi, is a Jubilee Party-nominated senator. She rose to prominence following Tanga Tanga and Kieleweke politics, which resulted in a number of leaders being ousted from political and leadership positions.

This came after they failed to report to a parliamentary meeting called by the president without apologizing. Millicent Omanga’s journey into politics has been remarkable. At the moment she is now a well-known politician all over Kenya. She is a stunt supporter of UDA which is led by Ruto

Millicent Omanga’s date of birth

Millicent Omanga was born on May 30, 1982, in Kisii County, Kenya. In Rongai, she is the firstborn in a family of seven daughters. Her family was extremely wealthy, living in a five-bedroom mansion on a two-acre plot of land. Mr Omanga, the family’s sole breadwinner, worked as a mechanic for the Postal Corporation of Kenya.

Millicent’s father was killed in a car accident in 1999, which changed her life forever. Her mother was then left to fend for herself and her seven children with no source of income. She was forced to work any job she could find in order to feed her children, which included blasting stones for sale and selling farm produce.

Millicent Omanga Education Background

Millicent Omanga attended Mumbai Girls School before enrolling in the Medical Training College. She persisted, enrolling in a Journalism course at the University of Nairobi as well as a postgraduate Commerce degree at the same institution. Millicent assumed leadership roles on campus, including serving as the SONU representative for module 2 students.

Millicent Omanga career

Omanga is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in interior design, furniture imports, and construction. She has opened over fifteen stores specializing in all aspects of interior design and incorporating imported goods to provide clients with more options in their purchases. She has openly attributed her political career to Deputy President Dr. William Ruto.

Her first appointment was as a company director at Kenya Electricity Generating Company – KenGen in 2013. Four years later, she ran for the Nairobi women’s representative seat but was defeated by Esther Passaris. The deputy president was once again supportive, securing her nomination as a Jubilee senator.

Aside from politics, Millicent Omanga founded and runs Milways Enterprises, a general business that deals with construction, interior design, and furniture importation. Her business is very successful and through it she has created more jobs to many people who include youths.

Millicent Omanga husband, children and family

Millicent Omanga is a mother married to Dr. Francis Nyamiobo, a medical practitioner, and they have two children, Maya and Wayne. She attends the Seventh-day Adventist church, which she attributes to her modest nature, such as not wearing make-up or trousers until she finished school.

Millicent is also an avid football fan, claiming that she has never missed a World Cup since 2002. She revealed this in response to allegations that she and other Members of Parliament used Kenyan taxpayers’ money to attend the World Cup in Russia.

Millicent Omanga net worth

As I said before, Millicent Omanga has her own company which is doing great at the moment. The company is making a lot of cash for her not forgetting her monthly payment from her political career. At the moment we are not able to mention Millicent Omanga’s net worth but we are very sure she is rich. Soon as we get enough information about her wealth, we will let you know.

That is all we have for now concerning Millicent Omanga Biography, Political journey, family and education. We hope you have enough information about this fearless woman

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