Mike Sonko Biography, Education, Wife and date of birth

Mike Sonko decided to run for governor of Mombasa after serving as governor of Nairobi for several years. He is one of a kind, and he has helped many people in the past. In this article, I will go over Mike Sonko Biography, Education, Wife and date of birth in greater detail.

Mike Sonko Date of Birth

Mike Sonko was born in Mombasa County on February 27, 1975. Mbuvi Gideon Kioko Wam Mike Sonko is his full name, with Sonko being a Kiswahili nickname that means “wealthy.” His father’s name is Mzee Kivanguli, and he is from Machakos County.

Mike Sonko Educational Background

In case you didn’t know Mike Sonko is a graduate. He attended Kikowani Primary School and Kwale High School in Kenya’s coastal region before attending university, despite widespread claims that he is uneducated. He graduated from the Nairobi campus of Kenya Methodist University (KEMU).

Mike Sonko wife and family

Staying away from politics Sonko is a devoted husband and father. Sonko is married to Primrose Mbuvi, a lovely woman, and the couple has three children: Saumu, Salma, and Sandra. Saumu is a well know since she is active on social media

Mike Sonko net worth

Sonko, as previously stated, is well-known for his generosity. He even has his own rescue team that is free of charge. With all of this, you’d think this guy’s got a lot of money. Sonko is without a doubt one of Kenya’s wealthiest politicians. He flaunts his flashy cars, expensive jewellery, and accessories, and has given house tours of his opulent home in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs.

Mike Sonko Political career

When talking about Mike Sonko Biography, we focus much on his political journey. Sonko’s political journey began at the age of 35 when he ran for the Makadara constituency Member of Parliament. As a result of his fashion and jewellery choices, he won the elections and gained popularity among Kenyans and other parliamentary figures. As a result, he was ejected from a parliamentary session for wearing jewellery, including earrings.

Mike Sonko ran for Nairobi’s first governorship in 2010, after Kenya’s constitution was amended to make the country a devolved nation, and we won. His dressing habits have shifted, and he now prefers a more formal appearance.

He ran for governor again in the 2017 general election and was re-elected. During his governorship, he has spent a significant amount of time beautifying the county and working to improve service delivery for Nairobians.

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