Michelle Ntalami Biography, age and relationship

Michelle Ntalami is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Kenya. Although a lot of men would love to be with her, Michelle prefers to be in a relationship with the same gender. Keep it here as we cover more concerning Michelle Ntalami Biography, age and relationship.

People who are successful in the world recognize market opportunities or gaps and step in to fill them. They do not rely on others to complete their tasks for them. Michelle Ntalami is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur who identified a need in Kenya for more authentic natural hair products and stepped in to fill it.

She founded a hair company with the primary goal of providing high-quality natural services to its customers. She believes that as environmentalists, we owe it to the planet to be fully committed and responsible.

Michelle Ntalami Wiki

The entrepreneur grew up in a close-knit Catholic family. Her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, which was a trying time for the family. To survive, he needed to change his entire way of life and adopt a more natural one. The family accompanied him on his journey, and it was at this point that Michelle rethought her decisions and began to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle.

Unfortunately, her father passed away while she was still in Florence, Italy. She was devastated because she was unable to attend the funeral.

Michelle Ntalami Education Background

Michelle went to Consolata Primary School before attending Loreto High School in Limuru. She then attended the University of Nairobi, where she earned a First Class Honors degree in Design and Communication in 2008.

She later travelled to Italy and earned a Master of Arts in Interior Design from the Florence Design Academy.

Michelle Ntalami relationship

Michelle’s affair with former BBC producer Catherine Njeri aka Makena sparked a slew of cheating allegations. Her boyfriend went completely insane, accusing Makena of cheating on her with Michelle. She scribbled unprintable words on the car of the former Tahidi High actress. Michele admitted that she had previously been in a relationship that had emotionally destroyed her. Her post stated, in part:

Michelle career

Michelle shaved her hair and let it grow back naturally when she decided to live a more natural lifestyle. Finding the right products to use on her natural hair became difficult, so she had to import the majority of them.

She discovered that the majority of the products on the Kenyan market were loaded with chemicals that were bad for her hair. This is what sparked her desire to launch an all-natural hair products company.

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