Mejja biography, songs and relationship

Mejja is a well-known artist in Kenya. He is now considered the King of Collabo. If you do a collaboration with this guy, expect your video to hit millions of views on youtube. Mejja has also recorded his own songs which are also doing well. We have a lot to cover concerning him so keep it here as we focus more on Mejja biography

Mejja age and real name

Major Nameye Khadija, also known as ‘Mejja’ or ‘Okwonkwo,’ was born on March 23, in the Majengo slums of Nyeri county, Kenya. He is a celebrity who has yet to reveal his birth year and age. Soon as we get more information about his age we will let you know.

Mejja girlfriend and relationship.

He found new love not long after his wife dumped him. In August 2019, he shared his beauty on his Instagram account. The post was followed by a lengthy cheesy caption in which he got to refer to her as his Ghetto queen. His new love is Jeff Kimanzi’s ex-girlfriend, and they have a son together. Mtoto wa Khadija has a child from a previous relationship.

Mejja ex wife

Mejja’s five-year wedding was everything he could have wished for until his then-wife dumped him via text message. He had no idea what was going to happen because everything had been fine up until that point.

Mejja was quickly crippled by depression, causing his life and career to suffer greatly. During this time, he even considered suicide. His main takeaway from the marriage was his daughter, whom he adores.

Mejja songs

‘Jana kuliendaje,’ one of Mejja’s breakthrough songs, was released in 2008. He even won an award for the song at Kenya’s Chaguo la teeniz. He recently released a song called ‘Utawezana,’ which features Femi One.

The song gained a lot of traction online, especially after Azziad Nasenya, a Kenyan Tik-tok beauty, posted a video of herself jamming to it. The song was widely shared on social media, and Azziad became a trending topic on all Kenyan online platforms.

Mejja Net worth

When asked whether he charges doing collabo, Mejja responded that he doesn’t charge but he has to feel the song first before he agrees to be part of it. Mejja net worth is estimated to be more than Kshs. 25.4 million.

He has been working in the music industry for over a decade and some sources have it that he is part of Ngomma” a company that monetizes youtube content. The majority of his earnings come from brand endorsements and stage performances. He is currently the brand ambassador for Broadway Bakery’s new ‘Mando Bites.’

There you go. That is all we have for now concerning Mejja biography, songs and relationship. Keep it here for more updates

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