MC Jessy Biography, Date of Birth and relationship

History of MC Jessy Jasper Muthomi, better known as MC Jessy, is a Kenyan comedian who was born in Egoji village in Meru county. He appears in the ‘Churchill’ show and hosts ‘Churchill Raw,’ which used to air on NTV every Sunday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m but it is not airing anymore. In this article, we will cover in detail about MC Jessy Biography

Mc Jessy Date of Birth

This man isn’t as old as you think. Mc Jesse is one of those people born in the 1980s. We don’t know when or in what month MC Jesse was born. What we do know is that this talented MC was born in Meru County’s Egoji Village.

Mc Jessy Education

Mc Jessy went to Embu County for primary school and St Cyprian Boys High School in Meru for high school. His journey through high school was not easy, but with the help of well-wishers, he completed high school and later pursued a Communications Degree at Daystar University.

Mc Jessy and Shix Kapienga Relationship

According to rumors, MC Jessy was divorcing to be with his girlfriend, Nancy Wanjiku. Nancy Wanjiku, also known as Shix Kapienga, is rumored to be the girlfriend of TV comedian MC Jessy. She is a Hot 96 radio host and a well-known and celebrated Kenyan actress.

Jessy and Shix have been a couple for quite some time. Mc Jessy even arranged for her to spend her birthday in Dubai. They have also been seen together in public on several occasions. Shix is a stunning beauty, so the king of comedy knows how to pick them well. The photos below show MC Jessy and his girlfriend at various events.

Shix Kapienga and Mc Jessy met at work and began as friends, attending various events together, but they soon began dating. Six’s life was not as simple as it appears because some members of the public dragged her through the mud, accusing her of being a homewrecker and the reason why the comedian was leaving his wife.

MC Jessy and Shix, on the other hand, have denied the rumours, stating that this is not the case. Six and MC Jesse met while working at Churchill Raw and Hot 96. Contrary to popular belief, MC Jesse pursued Shix. He knew it was the right decision at the time because he had been living as a separated man for some time.

Mc Jessy Wife

Elizabeth Wangare is said to be MC Jessy’s wife. MC Jessy, on the other hand, denies knowing a woman by that name and even claims that some people are out to hunt him down and destroy him, which is why they spread such rumors.

During an interview with the Pulse, the comedian inquired as to who the Wangari people claimed he was married to. He even called into question the story that he married in Winner’s Chapel in 2012.

Jessy indicated that he had never met a Wangari before (at least as a wife). He also denied reports that he was divorcing his wife. MC Jessy, on the other hand, stated that he has been happily married since 2010 and cannot understand why people would fabricate such stories.

During the interview, MC Jessy stated that his wife’s name is Nkirote, not Wangari, and that she is his high school sweetheart.

Mc Jessy Wedding

Mc Jessy knows how to make us laugh until we cry, but we don’t know anything about his personal life. We tend to be curious or even expect a big and extravagant wedding from a guy like him because we work in the comedy industry and have a large number of fans.

He claimed to have married his wife in 2010. There are only a few MC Jessy wedding photos to prove that the marriage ceremony ever took place.

Mc Jessy career

Mc Jessy claims that he auditioned both Churchill shows and Phoenix and Churchill Shows several times but he was not lucky to get a chance. He chose to try his hand at comedy in his church. In church, Mc Jessy performed for five years. Mc Jessy proposed to Churchill one day in one of Carnivore’s restrooms.

They’ve become friends, but he was given the opportunity to perform in season two’s episode 36. Jesse was asked to host the ‘Churchill show’ two weeks later, while Churchill was away. As a result, he was selected as the weekly host of ‘Churchill Raw.’ MC Jessy, you’ve run out of terms to describe the Churchill show.

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