Martha Karua Biography, Education, Age and relationship

Martha Karua Biography is one of its own. She is a lawyer by profession. Martha Karua is one of those people who don’t follow someone because others do. She believes in democracy and she is not ready to support anyone who is corrupt even if the person is her close friend.

If you have been following politics in Kenya then you must be familiar with Martha Karua. Several political leaders and reputable characters have risen to prominence in Kenya’s political arena. Martha Karua is a well-known figure in Kenyan politics.

Many Kenyans refer to her as the “Iron Lady.” She has the potential to become Kenya’s first female president, defying social conventions and barriers. This article examines Martha Karua Biography, focusing on her background, education, career path, and personal life details.

Raila Odinga Running mate

People had high hopes that Martha Karua would be chosen as Raila Odinga’s running mate. She represents Mt Kenya, and all women in Kenya are overjoyed to be represented. According to Martha Karua, being chosen as Raila Odinga’s running mate will provide opportunities for many women in the leadership sector.

Martha Karua Age and place of birth

The iron lady whose real name is Martha Karua was born on September 22, 1957, as the second child of Josephine and Jackson Karua. Karua’s family is from Kirinyaga, and he has three sisters and four brothers. All her family members are well and doing great.

Martha Karua Education

She started her education at St. Michael’s Primary School before moving on to Kabare Girls Boarding School, Kiburia Girls Secondary School, and finally Karoti Girls High School, where she finished her secondary education.

Martha Karua graduated with honours and enrolled in the University of Nairobi to pursue a law degree in 1977. She continued her studies and graduated from Kenya School of Law with a post-graduate law degree in 1981.

Martha Karua Career Journey

Shortly after graduation, Martha Karua began working as a magistrate in various parts of the country, including Kibera, Makadara, and Nakuru. She worked in this capacity for six years before going into private practice in 1987.

Martha Karua was born to be a human rights and social justice activist. In this manner, Martha Karua & Co. Advocates was founded, and she ran it until 2002. Martha Karua time as a private legal practitioner was marked by her standing up to President Moi’s authoritarian government.

She was vocal about human rights for activists who protested and were critical of how the country was run. Martha Karua is currently a High Court of Kenya Advocate.

Martha Karua Political Journey

I can say this woman has been a fighter all her life. Martha Karua ran for Kenya’s presidential seat in 2013 but finished sixth. This marked the end of her parliamentary seat in Gichugu, which she had held since 1992.  In accordance with Kenyan law, which prohibits a person from running for both a parliamentary seat and the presidency at the same time.

Karua returned to the political arena in 2017, running for Kirinyaga’s gubernatorial seat but losing to Anne Waiguru despite appealing the results to the Supreme Court.

Martha Karua Husband and family

Her earlier family wife is not well detailed. According to some sources, her relationship didn’t take many years before ending. Karua is divorced and the mother of two children, Wawira and Njoka. She keeps further details about her personal life private.

Martha Karua Networth

A successful lawyer is said to be well of in terms of money. Lawyers are most respected people and they are mostly referred to as learned friends. Those who have a successful law firm Martha Karua is estimated to be worth $1,000,000.00. That is all we have for now about Martha Karua Biography. keep it here for more updates.

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