Makena Njeri Biography, Real names and relationship

Makena Njeri age and real name

Makena Njeri, real name Christine Njeri, is a multi-talented actor, producer, and director. She rose to prominence in Kenya after starring as ‘Makena’ in Citizen TV’s popular high school drama series Tahidi High at the time. Makena was one of the actors who portrayed high school life, and they did a good job. She went on to work for Nation Media Group and the BBC after the show ended. Keep it here as we cover more about Makena Njeri Biography, Real names and relationship.

Makena Njeri career

Makena whose real name is Christine Njeri rose to prominence after landing the role of Makena in Tahidi High. This name has stuck with her like glue over the years. Makena nailed this character and was simply amazing on-screen, which led to a slew of opportunities for her.

She becomes a producer and director after graduating from Tahidi High. Makena Njeri was the creator of the popular NTV show Teen Republic. She then left to work as a producer for the BBC for three years.

Makena now runs the Bold Network Africa, an organization based in Nairobi, Kenya, after leaving the BBC. This organization seeks to educate African society about the LGBTQ community through films, documentaries, and training in order to end the community’s ongoing discrimination.

Makena Njeri relationship

For a time, some social media users speculated about her sexuality and even called her relationship with Michelle Ntalami into question. Those who were speculating can now rest easy because she has publicly declared her sexual orientation.

An incident involving her fighting with her gay partner was widely discussed on social media in July 2019, and she described nearly succumbing to depression as a result. After discovering Makena was cheating on her with Ntalami, Valentine Nyokabi spray-painted her Mercedes Benz. She chose to put on a brave face and go about her business.

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