Maima Biography, Education, Relationship and family

He is also known as Kitungo Raha. Maima is a gifted musician whose captivating vocals and lyrical content have propelled him to the top of the Kamba benga charts. The singer has uploaded a number of songs to YouTube, with the majority of them receiving hundreds of thousands to millions of views. In this article, i will take you through Maima Biography, Education, Relationship and family.

Maima age, Real names and place of birth

Maima is one of the respected artists from Ukambani. He is talented and he is considered a good songwriter. Maima’s real name is Alphonse Kioko. This talented musician was born in the 90s. He was born in Kithungo area in Makueni county where he is living up to now.

Maima music journey

His latest release is titled Inawezekana which is dedicated to the flag bearer of Azimio party, Mr Raila Odinga. At the moment the song is trending and am very sure it will be among those songs that will be used for campaigning Raila Odinga
Maima previously collaborated with Ken wa Maria in his Yatta Orchestra as his guitarist and singer. They parted amicably, and he formed his own band. He released his first album about a decade ago and now has more than ten albums to his credit. They are as follows:

  1. Nina Kyathi
  2. Ka Main Switch
  3. Wi Wakwa
  4. Samai Ngiti

Kithungo Boys band is the name of the talented vocalist’s ensemble music group. They have performed in a variety of entertainment venues across the country. Many people consider his stage performance to be epic.

He has been dubbed the “Michael Jackson of Kamba music” on numerous occasions. He is said to execute his dance moves flawlessly and to sing with astonishingly good vocals. His swag and high-quality music videos are also popular among the younger generation.

Maima Relationship with his fans

Many Kamba music fans regard his guitar strumming abilities as unrivalled. Maima has also collaborated with a number of other well-known artists. He appeared in King Kaka’s song Mbesa in 2020. Many fans were impressed by the song’s diversity, which included rap and benga, as well as Swahili and Kamba.

The song was one of the most popular YouTube videos in Kenya. Samodoh’s song Muthoniwa also featured the artist. Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka was also featured in the song, which was released in August 2021.

During an appearance on Mutongoi TV, a Kamba television station, he thanked God for his musical success. He was one of the Kamba musicians chastised by former Kenya Film Classification Board CEO DR Ezekiel Mutua in Machakos county for the high number of teenage pregnancies. He named Maima as one of those promoting bad behaviour through their music.

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