Lulu Hassan Biography, age, relationship and education

Lulu Hassan is a popular Swahili news anchor. She collaborates with his husband, Rashid Abdallah. Lulu Hassan is not only a newscaster but also a filmmaker. She recently went viral after grabbing her husband, who was dancing with Jovial at his birthday party ( check the video here). In this article, I will go over Lulu Hassan biography, age, relationship, and education.

Lulu Hassan age

Although we are unsure of the year this beautiful woman was born, Lulu always celebrates her birthday on April 24th every year. She is on the list of celebrities who do not want their true birth year to be made public.

Many people believe Lulu is of Somali descent, but this is not true. Her late mother was the daughter of a Kenyan Kikuyu and a Seychellois, and her father is also of Seychellois descent. She is also the first of three girls in her family.

Lulu Hassan’s mother, Mariam Abu, passed away in 2007, leaving her siblings and real estate business in her care. She ran the company while caring for her sisters. On one occasion, while in the air, she was overcome with sadness as she remembered her mother.

Lulu Hassan Husband

Rashid Abdalla is the lovely anchor’s husband, with whom she has three wonderful children: a young girl and two boys, Jibran and Irfan.  Lulu and Rashid met in 2007 at Radio Salaam, the same year her mother died.

Rashid provided a shoulder for Lulu to cry on whenever she was saddened by her mother’s death. Even before he saw her face, Rashid’s first impression of his wife was her sweet voice. After seeing her face, the deal was sealed, and the voice came with an angelic face.

The couple got engaged two weeks after the meeting. Rashid couldn’t afford a dowry. His salary at the time was Kes5,000. He only offered a Quran and a prayer mat as dowry, and his parents accepted. Rashid was Lucky since his dream to marry Lulu Hassan became real

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan’s wedding

lulu hassan wedding photos

Despite the fact that their lives were not easy at first, the couple married in a lavish ceremony in Mombasa. It was as if the entire village or town came out to show their support for the village. Friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers came together to celebrate this happy occasion.

Because her mother was no longer alive to give her away as customary, her friends stepped in. Despite having been living together for several years, the couple married in 2013. Rashid revealed that he has the white sheet to back it up.

Lulu Hassan accident

Talking about Lulu Hassan Biography, we can’t forget about her involvement in an accident. Lulu Hassan still remembers the accident she was in. On April 19, 2010, she was involved in a horrific accident in which she nearly lost her leg. She never imagined herself walking again, but thanks to God, she was treated and a metal plate was implanted in her leg, and she is now well.

Career journey

lulu hassan and rashid abdalla

Lulu began her career as a journalist at Radio Salaam in Mombasa. Surprisingly, she used to read English news rather than Swahili, and her English is now as good as her Swahili. While she was still working at the radio station, a KTN cameraman informed her of a crisis at the station.

Two of their Swahili news anchors were on maternity leave, and no replacement had been found. Lulu seized the opportunity, attended the interview, passed the screen test, and joined KTN. She later left to work for Royal Media Services on Citizen TV.

For a long time, she shared her home with Nipashe and Kanze Dena. On and off the set, the two formed a close friendship. Kanze later left the station after being appointed as the President’s spokesperson.

Rashid Abdalla was hired by Citizen TV after Kanze Dena left Nation Media Group. The former NTV anchor was named to co-host ‘Nipashe Wikendi’ with his wife, Lulu. They made history by becoming Kenya’s first couple to present news together. Many Citizen TV viewers enjoy their chemistry in the newsroom.

That is all we have for now concerning Lulu Hassan Biography, age, relationship and education. Hope you have learned a lot

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