KRG The Don Biography, Age, Education and relationship

Though he has been in the music industry for a few years KRG the Don is one of the most successful Kenyan musicians. KRG The Don is a Kenyan-born musical artist who is considered one of the country’s wealthiest young artists. Keep it here as we cover more about KRG The Don Biography, Age, Education and relationship.

He describes himself as a “not-your-average Kenyan billionaire” at such a young age. There have been some allegations and rumours that his wealth is derived from illegal activities such as money laundering. KRG The Don has denied these and stated that he is willing to account for his money

KRG The Don’s age and place of birth

He comes from a rich family so we can call him a rich Kid. KRG The Don was born in Nairobi on Jan 14, 1991. Due to his family investment, he is living a flashy life. Sometimes he can spend more than 500K per day just for fun

KRG The Don’s girlfriend and family

KRG The Don proclaims himself as a billionaire, divorced his wife after she allegedly cheated on him with another man and was spending time with scumbags, according Don. He heard rumours that she, Linah Wanjiru, was planning to sell her Audi vehicle, which he had given her as a gift. Don retaliated by taking back the car and claiming in an online rant that his ex-wife was depressed and broke.

KRG The Don career

Apart from his music career, KRG The Don is a successful businessman whose ventures have made him extremely wealthy. KRG The Don’s portfolio now includes transportation, construction, tours and travel, as well as the recent investment in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Killion Group, his construction company, is a partnership, and Taraja Safaris, his travel company, is a sole proprietorship. On December 3rd, he opened Casa Vera Lounge, which is located on Kaburu Drive along Ngong Road. This is his most significant investment, with Ksh 200 million spent on acquiring the land and establishing a fully functional business.

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