Kihenjo Biography, Salary, Education and Wife

Kihenjo has become a well-known man and I believe it is now a household name. The name is derived from the Kikuyu word for ‘cracker.’ Kihenjo is a well-known radio host on Kenya’s Kameme FM, where he goes by the moniker Kizangala. His full name is Joel Mungai. Kihenjo is a comedian and main actor on the Cajamuka Show, along with Muthoni Kirumba. Keep it here as we take you through Kihenjo Biography, Salary, Education and Wife.

Kihenjo age.

Kihenjo age

This guy has kept his age a secret. Though he has been so many interviews, there is no interview he mentioned anything to do with his age. Kihenjo age is still not known at the moment but we will update you soon

Kihenjo biography and background information

Kihenjo’s career has progressed from selling roasted maize to radio hosting. It has taken him a long time to establish himself in the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, he has over three million views on his YouTube videos and a sizable following on his social media platforms.

The majority of his audience knows him from the Kikuyu comedy shows. He launched ‘Njugwa ya Kihenjo,’ a comedy show that airs every day at 7:30 p.m. on Kameme FM.

Kihenjo career

Kihenjo and Muthoni wa Kirumba canjamuka kameme fm

The talented Kihenjo has been in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty-five years, according to our research. He was famous at the time, but joining the radio helped him gain more followers. Kihenjo used to play an older man dressed in a torn suit and socks.

He used to make some money by selling his comedy CDs and occasionally MCing events, though some clients never paid him.

Kihenjo’s wife and relationship

Kuhenjo wife

Kihenjo has kept his personal life private from the public eye, and he has never publicly discussed his wife or children. During the radio shows, you may hear him mention ‘Majangwa,’ who happens to be his ‘wife’ in the comedy show. Up to this moment, we still don’t have clear information about Kihenjo’s wife

Kihenjo Salary at Kameme

Canjamuka show which he hosted together with Muthoni wa Kirumba is the most listened to show in Kameme F.M. This means the show make a lot of cash through adverts. A radio presenter who is capable of attracting many listeners is paid a lot of cash. At the moment we are not sure about Kihenjo salary but we are very sure he is paid a lot of cash.

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