Kativui’s Biography, Education, wife and music career

He is one of Kamba Land’s gifted artists. Kativui has so far released a number of songs that are doing well across Kenya. Despite the fact that he usually sings Kamba songs, you can judge his singing ability. In this article, we will go over Kativui’s Biography, including his age, birthplace, and other details.

Kativui Real name

For those who have been asking about Kativui real name, we got you covered. Ben Mbatha is Kativui’s real name. He has a lot of hit songs at the moment. One of His hit songs includes “Dawa,” “Makinya makwa,” and many others.

Many people enjoy listening to and watching kativui songs because of his crazy lyrics and dance moves. He has excellent dancers who always perform admirably in any event. If you are looking for a musician who will keep your visitor glued, then this is the guy.

Kativui’s date of Birth

The well-known Kamba musician always keeps her personal life private. Kativui has never mentioned his birth date before. He prefers to keep his birth date private, but as soon as we learn when he was born, we will notify you.

Kativui’s wife and children and family

Many Kenyan artists introduce their spouses, and some even use them as video vixens. Kativui is not like the other artists in that he prefers to keep his personal life private. We still don’t know anything about Kativui’s wife, but we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Kativui is the fourth child in a family of eight children. In most of his songs, she always shares her life story. In one of his songs, Kativui describes how he moved from Kako to the home of her parents, Yathui musoka.

Kativui net worth

His net worth can be determined by the type of life he leads and the number of hit songs he has. Almost every weekend, Kativui performs. This means he made a lot of money from his music, which he sold online and streamed. He has a nice house and a variety of cars.

That is all we have for now concerning Kativui’s Biography, Education, wife and music career. keep it here for more updates

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