Kabi Wa Jesus Biography, Relationship and education

Kenyans associate Kabi Wa Jesus with a variety of meanings. He is a comedian, gospel artist who was featured on Kaymo’s hit song “thitima,” and a YouTuber to round things out. His mother describes a young Kabi as devious yet magnificent. It should be noted that he came from a humble beginning and constantly attributes his success to God. Get more of this as we tackle Kabi Wa Jesus Biography, Relationship and education.

Kabi wa Jesus real name and education background

For those who have been asking about Kabi’s real name, we got you covered. Peter Kabi is Kabi Wa Jesus’ full name. Kayole is where the multi-year-old was raised.
Although we don’t have enough information on where Kabi Wa Jesus went for his primary and secondary education, we have information that he went to Kenyatta University where he studied film.

Kabi wa Jesus relationship and family

Kabi Wa Jesus and milly wa jesus biography

The YouTuber is married to the lovely Milly Kabi. Because of their science, the two have become internet sensations. The award-winning couple met about ten years ago but only started dating in 2014.

Kabi proposed on national television in a heartfelt endeavour. They had a fantastic traditional wedding, ‘ruracio,’ which was named truly outstanding in 2017. This was followed by a lavish wedding reception in December of that year. The couple announced their pregnancy in a touching 10-minute video that documented their journey as a couple. Reign Taji Kaby, the infant, was conceived months after the event.

Kabi wa Jesus career

Kabi Wa Jesus co-owns Bantu Films with his better half, Milly. He started it after school as a creative organization. They have debunked the widely held belief that it is difficult for couples to cooperate because they have been doing so since 2016.

Kabi is a talented photographer and videographer. His primary domain is the camera and shooting. Milly then returns to the business side of things. She also dresses their customers because of her incredible fashion sense. When her significant other’s temper flares while managing the group, Milly frequently calms him down.

They both agree that working together is brilliant. Milly believes that it isn’t about changing their preferences, but about combining them to form a great business. The couple also has a YouTube video blog with over 180k endorsers and 16M channel views.

The video blog is growing by the day and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. They primarily post about their family, hobbies, friends, dates, and adventures. That is all we have for now concerning Kabi Wa Jesus Biography, Relationships and education. Keep it here for more updates

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