Justina Syokau biography, marriage, Age and Education

Justina Syokau has experienced a great deal in her life. She had previously been rejected by people she thought were close to her, including her own family. In this article, we will go over Justina Syokau biography, age, family, and musical journey in greater detail. Keep it in this location.

Justina Syokau place and date of birth

She was born in the Mua ward of Machakos, a popular tourist destination in Kenya. Justina, like many musicians, grew up in a church setting. Justina Syokau never missed church, according to her most recent interviews.

She used to go to AIC church when she was younger. Justina Syokau learned a lot as a Christian, and all she remembers is being taught to put God first and to keep praying. She eventually relocated to the Redeemed Gospel Church.

Justina Syokau marriage and family

She met his ideal man at church. Justina was certain that the only thing that could have separated them was death, as her fiance had also been raised in a church environment. After several years of dating, the couple decided to make their relationship official, and a wedding was planned.

The wedding took place at Redeemed Gospel Church in 2012. It was one of the largest wedding ceremonies ever held. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long. Justina’s husband changed his name and began mistreating her.

This began as soon as they began staying with her inlaws. Syokau’s husband could abandon her for more than two days without food or money. Aside from that, he was beating her in front of her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law was granted control, leaving Syokau without a family voice.

Justina Syokau family life

After giving birth, things began to go south. Because Syokau gave birth via cesarean, it was difficult for her to do some household chores. A village housekeeper was dispatched to assist her. Justina’s husband began an affair with a housekeeper in front of her.

Justina Syokau and her child were evicted from their home. She decided to return to her parent, who sent her a letter blaming her for the marriage’s demise. She had no choice but to return to her abusive husband.

When he tried to call her husband, he didn’t answer, and Syokau spent the night on the street. By chance, one of her old friends offered her a place to stay.
After a while, Justina began recording her music, which she sold in churches, streets, and matatus.

Her life had changed, and she could now afford to pay her own rent. Her ailing mother paid her a visit one day, but she died as a result of health complications. Because her music career was flourishing, most of her close allies began to associate her mother’s death with Syokua’s success, referring to her mother’s death as a sacrifice.

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