Jose Gatutura Biography, Age, Education, Music and relationship

Jose Gatutura, aka Mashette The King, is a Kikuyu musician with a lot to love. In this article, I’d like to share some information about Jose Gatutura’s Biography, Family, Age and Full Names. Keep it here as I take you through his life history.

Jose Gatutura Biography and background information

Gatutura is a Kikuyu one-man guitar performer whose full name is Joseph Kanyi Kigio. He is a well-known Kikuyu Mugithi artist with an impressive voice. Jose Gatutura has written several hit songs that have drawn audiences from outside the Kikuyu community who want to see his talent and dance to his songs’ beats.

One of his best performances is on the Tuirio Twega track. Jose Gatutura values his fans, which keeps him from imbibing alcoholic beverages. His talent stems from a long line of musicians in his family, who inspired and shaped him since he was a child.

Jose Gatutura family

There are little few details about his family, wife, and children.  His music career has inspired many, and we have compiled a list of his music career highlights. In the 2000s, influenced by his father, a music writer, and uncle, a singer, he began performing cover songs by other Kikuyu artists in Nairobi nightclubs.

In 2007, a great mentor encouraged him to write songs and play the guitar, and his journey took off from there.

Jose Gatutura’s music journey

Some Gatutura songs appear to be more complex and contain hidden messages. When he was asked about his complex songs, Gatutura stated that the message is complex because it pains him to see the moral decay in our community. He said in the community,  girls value getting money from rich men over working hard.

One of the first songs that made Jose Gatutura famous was Reke Ngure Gitanda. He released more chart-topping songs while touring Kenya and Dubai. Many people refer to him as the King of Machete because of his song Machete, which is still a hit today.

Ther you go, that is all we have for now concerning Jose Gatutura Biography, Age, Education, Music and relationship. Keep it here for more information.

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