Jackie Matubia Biography, Education, career and networth

Jackie Matubia whose real name is Jacqueline Mwangi is a Kenyan digital content creator, actress, entrepreneur, and TV personality. She is currently playing the role of “Nana” on Zora, Citizen TV. This article examines Jackie Matubia Biography, focusing on her personal life and current engagements.

Jackie Matubia age and place of birth

We don’t know her exact birthday yet, but Jackie is in her early thirties. Kenya is where this talented actress was born. She spent the majority of her life in the United Kingdom, where she was raised, but later moved to Kenya with her beloved father, who currently resides in the United Kingdom.

Jackie Matubia acting Career

Jackie is a Kenyan actress best known for her role as Jolene in Tahidi High. She was one of Zora cast which was aired on Citizen Tv. Jackie Matubia co-stars in the Tahidi High television series with fellow actress Sarah Hassan.

She is an entrepreneur who runs an online and physical business called Fabulously Forward, which focuses on health and beauty.
Jackie Matubia who is now expecting a child used to work at SwitchTV.

She was one of the hosts of the ChatSpot show. Jackie later left the ChatSpot show and started her own show on Rembo TV, E-Zone with Jackie, where she shares celebrity news and entertainment news.

Jackie Matubia husband and personal life

She is married to Kennedy Njogu, also known as Nyongz, and they have a daughter named Zari Wanjiku. Her husband is a pilot by trade. Matubia addressed the divorce rumours between her and Njogu on Parents Magazine a few years ago.

The rumours arose after the couple deleted each other’s photos from their social media accounts after dating for three years. Their story was later discovered to be false because they had recently celebrated their three-year anniversary as a legally married couple.

“We celebrated our third year of the valid union in May of this year; I never published him, and I fully understand that this raised concerns, Jackie informed one of the well-known magazines, Parents Magazine. To me, this was a lifetime achievement”, Jackie stated

Jackie Matubia went on to say that she and her husband made the decision to avoid social media fearing that it could have exposed their marriage to negativity and encroachment. According to Jackie Matubia, she had witnessed a lot of couples whose marriages were destroyed by social media.

Jackie Matubia Net worth

Her acting career provides her with a comfortable way of life. Jackie also makes a living as an online content creator, which is a lucrative business. Remember she was one of the actresses on the Zora program which was aired on Citizen Tv.

In today’s world, the film industry pays a lot. Many actors and actresses are making a lot of cash because there are so many TVs and platforms that are looking for content. Selling content and her acting career has so far increased Jackie Matubia’s net worth which is estimated to be in excess of 95 million Kenyan shillings.

Right now, we don’t have enough information about her assets. Jackie also owns several businesses that pay her very well.

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