Ida Odinga Biography

According to our own statistics, She may become the next first lady. Mama Ida Odinga, the wife of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, is a pillar of strength and the personification of resilience and long-suffering. Keep it here for more information concerning Ida Odinga Biography

She is a woman who has faced the most difficult circumstances in her personal and professional life as a result of her husband’s political affiliations, but she has stood firm and come out strong. As her husband vies for the presidency in next year’s general elections, all eyes are on who will be Kenya’s, next first lady. This article contains additional information about Mama Ida.

Mama Ida Odinga age and place of birth

If you take a close look, you may think she is very young. Maybe she is taking her diet seriously. Ida Anyango Oyoo was born in a family of six siblings. For those who have been asking when she was born, we got you covered.

Ida Odinga was born in 1950 on 24th August. Both her mother and father were doctors, Ida’s father was a well-known doctor in Kisii and her mother is a nurse. The bad news is that Ida Odinga father’s died Her mother would now be the family’s sole breadwinner.

Despite the additional responsibility, she raised successful children who would not go without what they needed to live and achieve their goals. when Ida was seven years old, causing the family to struggle.

Ida Odinga Education

She is one of the educated prominent Kenyans. Mama Ida Odinga attended Ogande Girls High School, to which she has remained devoted, providing mentorship and establishing infrastructure developments. She attended the University of Nairobi after graduation to pursue a Bachelor of Education Arts undergraduate degree.

Ida Odinga career

Mama Ida Odinga began her career as a teacher at Kenya High School, also known as ‘Boma,’ where she would spend over twenty years raising young ladies who would go on to become highly successful members of society. Governor Joyce Laboso is one notable example. Her time at Kenya High School came to an end when the KANU government ordered her expulsion due to her husband’s political opposition to the unilateral government system.

Mama Ida Odinga Family life

Mama Ida married Hon. Raila Odinga on September 1, 1973, after meeting at the University of Nairobi. Raila worked in the Department of Engineering when Ida was a student. She had no idea, and she had no idea she would be married to a politician.

Fate laughed at that! Getting used to the added weight of being a politician’s wife. The late Fidel Odinga, Raila Odinga Junior, Winnie Odinga, and Rosemary Odinga were the couple’s four children.

Raising the children was difficult because her husband was frequently away from home seeking multiparty democracy in Kenya, which forced her to raise their children alone when he was arrested in 1982. Raila Odinga Junior, their son, revealed in an interview that he first saw his father when he was 10 years old.

Ida Odinga’s net worth

She is considered to be very Rich. Her family has established a lot of businesses that are making a lot of money. Being part of Odinga’s family makes her more wealth
Aside from her husband’s wealth, her business ventures have made her a millionaire.

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