Edwin Butita Biography, Age education and girlfriend

Edwin Butita, better known by his stage name Eddie Butita, is a Kenyan musician, comedian, actor, theatre director, voice-over artist, emcee, theatre producer, scriptwriter, and entrepreneur. From a young age, the comedian has had tremendous success. Kindly keep it for more information about Edwin Butita Biography, Girlfriend, Education and age.

He managed to capture the attention of so many Kenyans from the very first time he appeared on stage. Today, he has successfully established himself in the industry and has a sizable fan base.

Eddie Butita age and place of birth

He is one of the young successful comedians known in Kenya. The talented performer was born on November 16, 1992, in Kariobangi, Kasarani constituency, Nairobi county. In November of 2022, Eddie Butita will turn 30. This means he is still young and he can do more.

Eddie Butita education

Rather than being a well-known comedian, He is also an educated person. Eddie Butita attended Butere Boys High School which is in Kakamega, Western Kenya. After completing his secondary level, Eddie Butita proceeded to university and pursued graphics design. At the moment he concentrates.

Eddie Butita comedy Journey

When he first appeared on the Churchill show in 2010, the celebrated comedian’s fame was cemented. Despite the fact that it was his first appearance on the show, he did such an outstanding job that the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

His comedy style involves parodying the ghetto lifestyle in Kenya, and many people, particularly those who live in the ghetto, can easily relate to his comedy.

He is one of those people who believe in growth. According to Butita, growth is expected in life because one should not be stuck in the same place year after year, as Edwin demonstrated.
He progressed from on-stage comedy to establishing his own company, “Stage Presence Media.”

Stage Presence Media Limited is a multi-media company that specializes in entertainment, public relations, content creation, events, and marketing. He is also the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Eddie Butita Girlfriend and relationship

Edwin Butita Biography

Most people believe that having romantic attachments is the next step after success. The CEO is not married, and he has not publicly stated that he is in a relationship.
However, rumours of an ongoing romance between him and fellow Churchill Show comedian Mammito have circulated for quite some time.

They’ve always shared photos of each other and occasionally attended events together. Butita described his relationship with Mammito as “like a sister.”

Eddie Butita Networth

Eddie Butita’s net worth is unknown, but we do know that his YouTube earnings are substantial. Since 2013, he has been a Youtuber. He has 125,300 subscribers, and his more than 1720 videos have received 1,200,744 views to date. Other than YouTube, the comedian’s fortune is derived from his company. I hope you have learned more about Eddie Butita Biography. Keep it here for more updates.

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