Diana Marua biography, age, relationship, and real name

Diana Marua is gaining popularity by the day. She is married to Bahati, a well-known musician in Kenya. Diana Marua has been the subject of much speculation, and she once accused Willy Paul of a rape attempt. Diana appears to be a very supportive wife, and she isn’t afraid to express her feelings for Bahati in public. Keep reading as I go over Diana Marua biography, age, relationship, and real name

Diana Marua age

Diana Marua photos

She was born in the county of Migori in 1988. Diana Marua will be 34 years old in 2022. Diana’s father is a Luo who used to work in a hospital, and her mother is a Kikuyu. Diana stated in one of her interviews that her mother abandoned her when she was young.

Diana Marua’s educational background

Despite the fact that this lady enjoys entertainment and spends the majority of her time in it, she is well educated and a graduate. Diana Marua is a certified public accountant with a diploma in professional marketing and communication. She attended KCA as well as St. Paul’s University.

Diana Marua career

This woman is a multi career. She is good in both the creative industry and business. Diana Marua is a musician in addition to being a YouTuber and a businesswoman. So far, she has recorded more than three songs, one of which is a collaboration with her husband, Bahati.

Diana’s relationship with Bahati

Diana marua and Bahati Kenya

She is currently engaged to Kevin Bahati, a musician. When Bahati was looking for a video vixen, they met. They became friends and then began dating. Given that Diana Marua is older than Bahati, their relationship is fraught with controversy.

They usually don’t care what other people think, and they don’t mind making their intimacy public. When Diana Bahati was interviewed, she stated that she is not with Bahati for money, but for true love.

Bahati, on the other hand, admitted to falling in love with Diana despite her age. Diana admitted that before meeting Bahati, she used to party every day. Bahati’s life was transformed, and she began attending church.

Diana Marua children

Diana Marua and Bahati have one son and one daughter. The first child was born in 2018, followed by the second a year later. Diana and Bahati have an adopted daughter named Morgan. Bahati has also another kid with another woman. The kid’s name is Mueni.

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