David Ole Sankok Biography, wealth, relationship and career

For those who don’t know him, David Ole Sankok is a Jubilee Party-nominated Member of Parliament. In the National Assembly, the MP represents people with disabilities. In this article, we will discuss more concerning David Ole Sankok Biography, wealth, relationships and career. Keep it here for more

David Ole Sankok age and place of birth

Ole Sankok was born in Narok’s Entolol location in 1978. He had a typical childhood and enjoyed football and sprinting. This lasted until a doctor’s injection completely paralyzed his right leg. Growing up, he was subjected to stigma, seclusion, and ridicule.

Sankok Education background

He is one of Kenya’s most educated Honourable Members. David Sankok received his primary education at Ole Sankale Primary School. Later, he enrolled at Kericho High School. Sankok was the school captain at Kericho High School. In 1998, he went to the University of Nairobi to study medicine.

David Ole Sankok family

Those wondering if Ole Sankok has a family should know that he is the father of six children, four boys and two girls. Sankok is well-known as a family man who adores his family and is not afraid to express his feelings for them. While she was still a student at Ole Tips Girls, he began dating her. Because of his paralysis, he was sceptical of the entire relationship. They married before Sankok began university at the age of 21.

David sankok son

Memusi Sankok a 15 years son of Narok senator David Sankok is said to have committed suicide. He used a gun to kill himself after having a misunderstanding with his family about going back to school. According to his sister Rosemary Naserian Sankok, Memusi had an argument with his family but he later agreed to go back to school.

Memusi who was a form four student at Maseno High school used his father’s gun to commit suicide


Sankok’s political career began in university, when he was elected chairman of SONU in 2000. This was a significant moment for him because his daughter, Naserian, was born on the day of his inauguration.

Due to his suspension, Sankok’s tenure as SONU chairman lasted only 7 months. He explained that his suspension was the result of a squabble with authorities over the implementation of parallel degree programs.

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