David Murathe biography, family and wealth.

He has been involved in Kenyan politics for a number of years and is a man of interest as one of the President’s most trusted and closest allies. David Murathe is also an outspoken critic of Dr William Ruto, the Deputy President. Murathe has openly expressed his opposition to Ruto’s presidential candidacy in the general elections in 2022. In this article, we will discuss more on David Murathe biography, family and wealth.

Many see the Jubilee party vice-chairperson as a key figure in fueling the misunderstanding between the president and his deputy. This article presents his biography, which includes information about his personal life, political career, and background.

David Murathe age

Despite being you, he was one of the few people who witnessed Kenya’s independence struggle. David Wakairu Murathe was born in 1958 to a well-known Nairobi entrepreneur, William Murathe Gatuhi, who died in 2007. Murathe Wines & Spirits, a well-known business in the city, was owned and operated by him.

David education background

David Murathe began his education at St. Mary’s School before moving on to Nairobi School for his high school education. He studied Political Science at the University of Nairobi during his college years. His interest in politics began at the University of Nairobi, where he was one of the student detainees following the 1982 coup.

David Murathe political journey

After graduating from college, David Murathe decided to run for the Gatanga MP seat and defeated all of his opponents in the 1997 elections. Murathe is best known for resigning from the seat amid rumours that he sold it to SK Macharia, one of his rivals at the time, for Ksh 10 million, an allegation he has denied. He later resigned from his MP seat and was defeated in the next general election.

David Murathe wife, children and family

He is married to Mrs Faith Murathe and they have two daughters, fashion designer June Tuto and research analyst Waturi Murathe. When he discovered himself in debt to creditors totalling more than Ksh 50 million in 2005, his personal financial situation reached a tipping point.

To protect himself, David Murathe declared bankruptcy and worked his way back. He is said to be in the facilitation and brokerage business, acting as the primary intermediary between nationals and the Kenyan government on multibillion-dollar projects.

David Murathe Net worth

He is one of Kenya’s wealthiest individuals. Through his businesses, David Murathe facilitates billions of dollars in transactions between global parties and Kenya. David Murathe lives in the opulent Garden Estate and is said to own some lettable real estate nearby. His exact net worth is unknown, and no info about his underlying assets is publicly available.

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