Crazy Kennar Biography, Education and relationship

Crazy Kennar is one of the talented comedians who shares his work on his youtube channel titled Tales of crazy Kennar. He has a lot of followers and that is one of the reasons why most of his videos trend. Kindly keep it here for more information about Crazy Kennar Biography, Education and relationship.

Social media and the internet have greatly empowered Kenyan youth to share their skills and make money from their crafts. The days of over-dependence and reliance on normal economic activities are long gone.

Creativity has emerged for people to comfortably make a living from their own crafts, in conjunction with hard work. Kennar, a comedian, is the subject of this article, which delves into the life of a university student who makes people laugh while also keeping his bag secure.

Crazy Kennar age

We don’t have an exact date on when this talented guy was born but some sources have reviewed that he was born in the 90s. This means Crazy Kennar is in his early 30. For those who have been asking about his real name, Crazy Kennar’s real name is Kennedy Odhiambo. He is from Luo land although he was born in Nairobi.

Crazy Kennar education

Crazy Kennar received his primary school education at Sacred Heart in Nairobi’s Baba Dogo before enrolling in high school at Ringa Boys’ in Homa Bay. He did well enough to be accepted as an undergraduate student of Actuarial Science at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Crazy Kennar’s comedy career

Since his days at Sacred Heart, when he would participate in the annual national music and drama festivals, he has had a passion for comedy and performance. He continued to participate in the same activities in high school.

Kennar recalls his teacher, Mr Andal, challenging him to his first scriptwriting for the performance their school was going to do at the festivals. He attributes his comedic journey to these encounters.

He began filming when he was still on campus. Crazy Kennar and his team edited the videos and uploaded them to YouTube for fans to share. He established Crazy Kennar as a personal brand name before teaming up with some university friends to form The Crazy Kennar Company, of which he is the Chief Executive Officer.

He is joined on the team by Omondi Stanley, Khisa Yvonne, Wanjiru Cynthia, Sakshi Bushes, and Moser Stephen. The team performs several skits in which they play various roles and work together to build the company.

They have amassed a sizable fan base through their YouTube channel, Tales of the Crazy Kennar. The channel was launched more than 2 years ago and at the moment it has more than 500,000 subscribers.

Crazy Kennar’s wife and relationship

Crazy Kennar and Cartoon who is also a comedian were seen at the Base by Safaricom event wearing matching kitenge outfits. According to reports, the two may be dating, despite the fact that they refused to discuss their relationship during a Kiss 100 FM interview.

Photos of Kennar’s real girlfriend, Natalie Asewe, surfaced on the internet a few days later. Natalie is dating Kennar, and the couple has been together for 12 years, according to an Instagram post. Kennar’s girlfriend has helped him in a variety of ways, including styling him for events and media appearances.

Crazy Kennar net worth

Kennedy’s YouTube channel earns him an estimate of Kshs. 70,000 per month, which he supplements with brand endorsements. When creators create high-quality content that attracts thousands of followers, YouTube has proven to be a reliable source of income. Crazy Kennar has secured several endorsement deals in the country and is looking forward to further growth and expansion.


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