Corazon Kwamboka Biography

Although a lot of people knows her as a socialist. Corazon Kwamboka is a lawyer by profession. She is now married and she has a kid. Keep it here for more about Corazon Kwamboka Biography

Corazon Kwamboka age

Corazon Kwamboka was born in 199. She is known as both businesswoman and a lawyer by profession. A lot of people knows her as a socialite. Her father named her Corazon Aquino after a Filipino revolutionary. She rose to prominence after photos of her curvy body went viral on the internet.

Corazon Kwamboka Education Background

She went to Lwak Girls High School and excelled in her studies. Corazon Kwamboka later enrolled at the University of Nairobi (UoN) for a Bachelor of Laws, graduating with second class honours, upper-division. She would later enrol in the Kenya School of Law for a Postgraduate Diploma in Law.

Corazon Kwamboka career

By chance, the UoN graduate became a socialite. She’d gone to a studio to collaborate with comedian Eric Omondi on a project. The photographer thought she looked nice and took a picture of her to post on Facebook. That photo quickly went viral, and her career as a socialite was launched.

One day as Corazon Kwamboka was having an interview with Chatspot, she stated that, despite being a lawyer, her socialite status prevents potential clients from taking her seriously. She claimed that because of her socialite status, she was unable to practice law.

She felt misjudged and didn’t want to look for work because of the moniker “Corazon the socialite.”Rather than being a professional lawyer, Corazon is a businessman who owns the Genio Sports Wear fitness line.

In an interview, she stated that the line was inspired by her unsuccessful attempts to find workout attire that was appropriate for her unique figure.

Corazon family and personal life

Corazon Kwamboka who is a certified lawyer was born in Bondo, Kisumu county, in 1991. She had ten siblings, two of whom had died. Her family’s firstborn is her. It was claimed in 2015 that her father, Osman Sambu Okero, and her mother, Keziah Otieno, were feuding over their daughter’s socialite lifestyle.

Mr. Okere used to be an accountant before deciding to become a teacher. He was apparently upset when he saw what he described as disturbing photos of his daughter on the internet, and when he asked her about it, she said it was just modelling.

Her parents later resolved their differences, but her father allegedly returned to the village. This was reported because he felt he was no longer respected because he was no longer the breadwinner because Corazon was. None of these reports was proven to be true. Corazon’s father told the Standard that his daughter inherited her good looks from her mother.

Corazon Kwamboka relationship

Previously, it was reported in various local newspapers that she was dating a wealthy Nigerian and, later, an Italian named Gaetano Amato. In 2017, she introduced him as her boyfriend, but the two later split up. Long-distance was cited as the primary reason for their breakup.

Corazon eventually began dating Frankie. Simply go to the gym. The relationship was initially tainted by scandals. This comes after Frankie’s previous lover and the mother of his children, Maureen Waititu, accused him of cheating on Kwamboka while they were still together.

Some people on social media supported Frankie and Corazon, while others supported Maureen Waititu. The two love birds, Frankie and Corazon welcomed their first child last year and recently announced their second child was on the way.

Rumours about the couple’s troubled relationship surfaced shortly after the announcement of their second pregnancy. This comes after a mysterious message on Corazon’s social media pages. She initially stated that she was lonely.

In the second post, she stated that she used to freak out when she discovered her husband was cheating on her, but the woman she is today can’t do that because she knows her worth. She wouldn’t mind if a man cheated because it was his loss.

That is all we have for now concerning Corazon Kwamboka Biography. We will keep updating you just in case we have some added information about this beautiful lady.

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