Catherine Kamau biography : Kate actress age

Catherine Kamau has been working very hard. She is an ambassador of Harpic, a toilet cleaner detergent.  Catherine Kamau is commonly known as Kate Actress started acting when she was still young. Most people recognized her when she started acting in mother-in-law drama. Keep it here as we continue to cover more on Catherine Kamau biography : Kate actress age

Mother in law was a Citizen TV show that aired locally. It was a mix of young and old actors who popularized watching local shows. In the program, Catherine Kamau, also known as Selina, found a fertile ground to hone her acting skills.

Even after leaving Mother in Law, she continues to make people laugh with the funny short videos she shares on social media platforms during this difficult Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the 33-year-old has appeared in her own productions ‘Sue na Jonnie’ in 2017, Plan B in 2019, and Disconnect in 2018.

Kate’s actress age and educational background

She is from Kikuyu land. Catherine Kamau was born in Nyahururu on February 3, 1987. She is the family’s first child. Catherine graduated from Chogoria High School. She became involved in the school’s drama club, where she excelled.

Kate explained to MC Jessy on his YouTube channel ‘Jessy Junction’ how she was expelled from school for impersonating the headmistress. Cate the actress enrolled at Loreto Msongari School, where she won the Miss Msongari pageant.

The actress enrolled in an accounting course at KCA University but quickly discovered that it was not her cup of tea.

“Mum insisted that I apply to KCA University for accounting, and I did.” Wacha nikwambie nilianguka nimesimama na kichwa. I’ve never balanced a chequebook. “I had no balance in my life; how do you expect me to balance an account?” she wondered.

She later enrolled at Kampala International University but had to discontinue her studies after discovering she was pregnant at the age of 19. Her mother had taken out a kes400,000 loan for her education, but she had been let down.

Catherine Kamau husband

Philip Mwaniki who was an actor at Tahidi high is Cate’s husband. On November 17, 2017, the couple married at the Windsor Hotel. Philip works in production and owns Phil It Productions, which has a number of Maisha Magic East programs.

In an interview with SDE, Phil stated that he had no reservations about adopting Leon as his own son. They had difficulties at first “fighting for the attention of the most important woman in our lives…” but this changed over time.

Catherine Kamau ex-boyfriend

Catherine had little going on with Leon’s father, whom she referred to in the Daily Nation as a “deadbeat father.” The actress stated that her son’s father attempted to be involved in his life but was inconsistent, forcing her to cut ties with him.

I hope by now you have learned a lot concerning Catherine Kamau biography : Kate actress age. Keep it here for more updates.

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