Cate Waruguru Biography

Cate Waruguru, the Women Representative for Laikipia County, is affectionately known as “Mrembo wa Laikipia” by her people. She is a successful politician who grew up in difficult circumstances under her grandmother’s care. This article examines Cate Waruguru Biography, focusing on her background, educational path, career, and personal life.

Cate waruguru date and place of birth

Catherine Waruguru, 34, was born in Kenya’s Central region and raised by her grandmother as of 2022. Her grandmother raised her to be the lady she is today, and she is always eager to share that with everyone she meets. She is also named after her grandmother, Catherine Wandia.

Cate Waruguru education

She is one of those well-educated politicians. Cate Waruguru attended Nyeri County’s Kanyama Secondary School before enrolling in the Theology program at Karatina Institute of Technology in 2007.

This led her grandmother to believe that she would become an evangelist one day, despite the fact that she had no idea what would happen in a few years.

She enrolled in a Management Diploma program at the Kenya Institute of Management in 2010. The move was to lay the groundwork for her undergraduate degree in Business Management at Karatina University. She finished in 2016. Cate Waruguru is also a student at the Kenya College of Accountancy, where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Management and Innovation.

Cate Waruguru Career

She managed Nanyuki Zone Access Kenya. Access, based in Westlands, is a local internet service provider. This was until 2013, when the Jubilee Alliance nominated her to the Laikipia County Assembly, making her one of Kenya’s youngest MCAs.

She ran for and was elected to the Laikipia Women Representative seat four years later. Her career in politics has seen her emerge as a fearless figure dedicated to improving the lives of ordinary citizens.

She is a supporter of a cancer bill that will make cancer treatment more affordable in Kenya. She also established the Fanikisha Youth Program, which aims to provide youth with skills through training institutes. Cate Waruguru had this to say about the former after switching her undying loyalty from the Vice President’s tangatanga team to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s.

Cate Waruguru husband and children

She is married to Kiprotich William Kiget as a second wife. At the moment she has two children with his husband who is a lawyer. The couple made headlines after Kericho’s Sunshine Hotel denied them access to a shared room, prompting her to threaten to sue the hotel for discrimination and humiliation. Gitonga Michael of KTN spoke with her about her polygamous marriage.

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